World-Class Manufacturing

Efficient production is something we take seriously here at Kevin’s Custom Ag LTD. in Nipawin, SK. We have a fully operational and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that produces top-quality hoppers and steel floors to meet our customers’ rising demands.


We understand the increasing needs of the agricultural industry. Our goal is to make sure our hoppers satisfy your requirements so that you can enjoy increased production and bigger profits at the end of the day.

Our hopper bins are built from sturdy components that will ensure your business operations run as smoothly as possible. We take into consideration every detail when constructing them since they play a critical role in your processes.

Choose from a variety of models and sizes so that you can address your specific needs. We offer hopper cones as big as 27 feet for customers with massive storage requirements.

Kevins Custom AG

Steel Floors

Our steel flooring products are manufactured to address a wide range of needs, whether agricultural, industrial, or commercial. We only use steel of the finest quality to ensure stability and functionality.

We offer different sizes, thicknesses, and depths to cater to our customers’ diverse needs. From walkways to platforms to ramps, our flooring solutions will deliver what you need.

Order durable, high-quality hoppers and steel floors for your business. Call us today at 306-862-3611.

Plasma CNC Machine

CNC plasma cutting is now available at Kevin’s Custom Ag. We offer a custom project service, where we will see your project to completion every step of the way. Let us work with you to get your artistic or engineering project underway.