No Pain, Only Grain

We are fully aware that having proper storage methods and facilities is crucial to the success of any farming operation. Kevin’s Custom Ag LTD. in Nipawin, SK offers an effective and complete grain storage construction service to enhance your operational processes.

Ensure Smooth Flow in Production

Our meridian grain bins and augers are built to withstand unfavorable weather conditions and other uncontrollable elements. We want you to have absolute peace of mind, fully assured that your harvest is protected from any damage or loss.

You can count on our flexibility as we are capable of servicing both small and large-scale storage projects. Regardless of the magnitude of your operations, we guarantee to help you make your production flow run without any malfunctions or unexpected issues.

extractor in the field

Trusted Brand

Our company primarily uses Grain Guard materials, as they are known to deliver effective products and services. When it comes to quality, we strive to provide our customers with structures that are at par with the industry’s highest standards.

We offer a lineup of 4’ corrugated hopper toppers that are designed to fit 15’, 18’, 21’, 24’, and 27’ hopper bottoms. With capacities reaching over 18,000 bushels, our lineup of new hopper bins will be a huge asset to any farming process.

Enjoy smooth and uninterrupted production in your farming operations. Call us today at 306-862-3611.