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Landscaping, Farming, and Forestry Tools

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At Kevin’s Custom Ag LTD. in Nipawin, SK, we provide top-quality farming, landscaping, and forestry equipment lines with a full-service and manufacturing facility.

Our History

We are a family-owned business that has been serving the Northeast area since 1992. 

See how we build farming solutions.

Our Manufacturing Facility

Why Choose Us

We have a wide variety of top-notch tools and equipment. These include custom-built KCA hopper cones, skid packages, and steel floors. Our items are always in stock so that you can pick them up at your convenience. Through our affiliation with Flaman Group of Companies, we offer a wide variety of farm equipment, trailers, and fitness equipment.

Our Values

Regardless of the service we are delivering, our customers are always at the top of our minds. Everything we do is customer-focused, and we strive to provide you with excellent results in any project.

Environmental sustainability is something we strongly advocate. We are proud to carry eco-friendly products, and all share the same aspiration for a cleaner and greener planet.